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The Undergraduate Exeter

Posted on: May 19, 2014 by: Helen Hewertson

The Undergraduate Exeter

The Undergraduate Exeter is a non-profit, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary academic journal for undergraduate research at the University of Exeter. We aim to stimulate, recognise, and reward undergraduate academic talent, and to provide a platform for undergraduates to exchange ideas. Founded in September 2013, we print two issues per year and are comprised of an Administrative Team, and an Editorial Panel of ten undergraduate subject editors and three editorial assistants. Over the last nine months we have garnered 100+ submissions; our 12% acceptance rate in the print journal ensures that our publication maintains its high academic quality. Our aim is to showcase high-quality, innovative, interdisciplinary, and intriguing undergraduate articles that are as academic as they are accessible. We are most interested in publishing articles that feature sparky originality, arresting subject matter, and sharp arguments. Our modern, accessible approach ensures that our readership includes academics as well as our own peers – from those who are die-hard scholars, to those who are only just beginning to cultivate an interest in the academic world. So far we have published intriguing articles regarding a range topics from the lawful trademark of scents, to post-modernist cultural representations in literature, film, and slam poetry.

Our print edition currently covers the disciplines of Ancient History and Classics, Business and Economics, English, Film, Law, Middle Eastern Studies, and Modern Languages. (We will be adding International Relations, Philosophy, and Theology this coming September). For those who are studying the disciplines we have not included yet in the print journal, our online platform at ( www.theundergraduateexeter.com ) is available for undergraduates to submit articles on any subject matter.

All undergraduates at the University of Exeter are welcome to submit to us – and we will soon be opening a national essay competition in the near future that will be open to all undergraduates in the United Kingdom. To keep track of our progress, ‘like’ us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/theundergraduateexeter), or follow us on Twitter (@TUndergraduate).


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Helen Hewertson

Helen Hewertson

Research assistant in the Research and Innovation Office at UCLan specialising in Research-informed Teaching: pedagogic research and undergraduate research. Interested in psychology, educational research, UX and Human Computer Interaction.

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