Undergraduate Journals

One of the most significant outcomes of the rise of undergraduate research in the UK is the large number of academic journals devoted to publishing research conducted and written up by undergraduate students. Many of these journals are multi-disciplinary and closely-tied to one institution (such as  Diffusion). However, there are specialist journals (such as the Journal of Qualitative Sports Science) and journals which accept papers from all students, whatever their university (such as Reinvention). The links below take you to some of the journals that we like to read. If you are the editor of an undergraduate journal not listed here, let us know!

Juncture: The University of Manchester Undergraduate Politics Journal

Southampton Journal of Undergraduate History

Notices of Lancaster University Astrophysics

Reinvention: An International Journal of Undergraduate Research (Warwick and Monash)

Diffusion: the UCLan Journal of Undergraduate Research (Central Lancashire)

British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy

Début: The Undergraduate Journal of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies

Ideate: the Undergraduate Journal of Sociology (Essex)

The Plymouth Student Scientist

The Plymouth Student Journal of Health & Social Work

Geoverse (Oxford Brookes)

Earth and E-nvironment (Leeds)

BURN (Nottingham)

Bioscience Horizons (UK Universities and Oxford University Press)

Enquiry: The ACES Journal of Undergraduate Research (Sheffield Hallam)

The Student Researcher (Trinity St. David’s)

The Undergraduate Exeter

(JUST) The Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology (University of Exeter)

educationUndergraduate (Bishop Grosseteste University)

Durham English Review

Surrey Undergraduate Research Journal (SURJ)

Transformations: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in Education

 British Undergraduate Journal of Ophthalmology 

Research Futures within the related fields of Events, Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism.

Groundings:  arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Fields: Journal of Huddersfield Student Research 

University of Sussex Undergraduate History Journal

Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal

Ethnographic Encounters  Social Anthropology  (University of St Andrews.)

The Internet Journal of Criminology

Kent Student Law Review

The US has a large number of well-established journals and the Council of Undergraduate Research lists many of them on this page.


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