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Posters in Parliament 2014

Posted on: February 27, 2014 by: Helen Hewertson

Posters in Parliament 2014

Tuesday saw the second annual Posters in Parliament event. Forty three students from over 20 universities presented their undergraduate research in Parliament. It was an amazing event. The students were passionate and inspiring. The quality of research on show was outstanding, they really were some of the best students in the country. This is an invaluable and unique experience for students to present their work at parliament and a great addition to their CV.

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The research covered a wide range of topics from science and engineering and across the humanities and social sciences.

P1020005   P1010947     P1010987


There were speeches by Professor Stuart Hampton-Reeves (chair of BCUR), Gerry Kelleher (VC of University of Central Lancashire)  and our distinguished visitor Professor Julio Rivera (Provost of Carthage college in the United States and President of the Council on Undergraduate Research CUR) and  MP Eric Ollerenshaw. The speakers were very impressed by the students and the quality of research.


Professor Rivera stated “The Council on Undergraduate Research in the United States, and I want to express our support the programs and activities of the British Council on Undergraduate Research.  In particular, we are enthused about this event because it brings the work of students and faculty into the national spotlight.” He talked about the trials and tribulations of research and how its not really research until something has gone wrong and what we see here is only a small proportion of the massive amount of work that went into these projects.   “These students will be the next generation of graduate students and professionals who will continue to develop and shape the future of the UK and the world.  The next places they will appear will be on the frontiers of knowledge, ideas, and commerce.  For every student and mentor here today, there are many more at each university.  You represent the best of the larger work going on every day at your home institutions.”

Several MPs came to see the outstanding research on show including David Blunkett, Angela Smith, Paul Blomfield, Simon Hart, Julie Hilling and Mark Williams. A special thanks goes to MP Ben Wallace for hosting us at Parliament and  MP Eric Ollerenshaw  for speaking at the reception. He stated he has no problem with supporting the spending on universities as the quality of undergraduate work was so high.  


After the speakers were finished the winners of the poster competition were announced. The prize for best poster was won by Talitha Bromwich from the University of Sussex for her poster on Searching for dark matter.  See the news item from University of Sussex here. 

Winner Talitha Bromwich with Gerry, Stuart and others

The highly commended prize went to Victoria Sleight from Plymouth University for her poster on ‘Do microplastics affect the bioavailability of harmful pollutants’. There were so  many students who produced amazing posters and articulated their research incredibly well the judges had a very tough decision to make. The quality just amazes people every year. Looking forward to seeing more innovative and exciting undergraduate research at  BCUR in April 2014 and at Posters in Parliament next year!



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