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Posters from Posters in Parliament 2014

Posted on: March 17, 2014 by: Helen Hewertson

Posters from Posters in Parliament 2014

Posters in Parliament 2014 was an amazing event with really high quality research. We are pleased to have listed below a selection from the posters presented on that day. Please click the link for a full version of the poster.

When Passion Meets Purpose

Use of the CASCADE agent-based model to examine the UK energy system with climate reanalysis data

To what extent does voluntary disclosure of carbon emissions provide valuable information to the community

Trappability as a measure of personality in the European badger

The Ubiqutin System

The Pre-Raphaelitism of Lewis Carroll

The Net Generation_Internet Addiction in China

Stimulus mismatch-induced plasticity of linear vestibulo-ocular reflexes in Xenopus laevis

Relevance of speaking skills to learners of English

Ribchester Roman Settlement, Setting The Scene

Making Vellum

Optimising digital displays using organic LEDs and quantum dots

Lithium, Bolivia’s 21st Century Gold Mine

Ion Chromatography_ An Examination of Porcine Leachate to Identify Chemical Markers for Clandestine Graves

Gender Dysphoria and the Autistic Spectrum

Firebreak Project, Young People’s Views on Healthy and Abusive Relationships

Evaluating the Viewpoints of Individuals throughout the Design Lifecycle to Produce Universal Documents to improve Understanding within a major Shipbuilding Programme

EXTREME RIGHT AESTHETICS, How the Danish People’s Party politicises cultural objects

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Helen Hewertson

Helen Hewertson

Research assistant in the Research and Innovation Office at UCLan specialising in Research-informed Teaching: pedagogic research and undergraduate research. Interested in psychology, educational research, UX and Human Computer Interaction.

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