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Undergraduate Exeter new issue out now.

Posted on: January 13, 2015 by: Helen Hewertson

Undergraduate Exeter new issue out now.

‘The Undergraduate’ is the University of Exeter’s leading interdisciplinary research journal for undergraduates. It has a new issue in January 2015. Below is taken from their website.

“Our goal is to encourage and empower undergraduate scholarship at the University.

All undergraduates at the University of Exeter are welcome to submit their writing. We publish twice per year, in print and online, and all of our content is free.  We will soon be opening a national essay competition in the near future that will be open to all undergraduates in the United Kingdom.

Disciplines include: Ancient History and Classics, Business and Economics, English and Film, International Relations, Law, Middle Eastern Studies, Modern Languages, and Theology.

‘The Undergraduate Exeter’ showcases the most compelling undergraduate scholarship at the University of Exeter. Our journal emphasizes two key areas that we feel are integral to academic study in the twenty-first century: accessibility and an interdisciplinary framework .

We publish two issues per year, available for free in print and online.

Our next issue will be published in January 2015”



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Helen Hewertson

Helen Hewertson

Research assistant in the Research and Innovation Office at UCLan specialising in Research-informed Teaching: pedagogic research and undergraduate research. Interested in psychology, educational research, UX and Human Computer Interaction.

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