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Call for Papers for Politics Journal

Posted on: June 22, 2016 by: Stuart Hampton-Reeves

Call for Papers for Politics Journal

The Undergraduate Journal of Politics and International Relations (UJPIR) is an innovative new open access journal publishing high quality, original undergraduate research from all areas of Politics and International Relations. The journal aims to make high quality open access publication accessible for all undergraduate students studying politics and international relations. UJPIR is an academic-run undergraduate academic journal which offers students the opportunity to publish articles based upon their original research. All submissions will be subject to peer review from academic reviewers.


The UJPIR is now welcoming entries for the 2016/17 Journal. The deadline for submissions is midnight 31st August.


These are the 5 key criteria for entries:

  1. The article must be based on original research. We define this as having a question or research problem created by the author. Articles that address an essay question set by an academic member of staff (however good) fall outside of the remit of the journal.
  2. The article must have been awarded a first class mark or equivalent. In the UK system we would regard this as being over 70%. Proof of mark must be provided, ideally a word document, pdf or scan of the feedback sheet.
  3. We can only accept single authored pieces. Group projects fall out of the remit of the journal.
  4. Any entries must have been completed since 2014, including the 2013/2014 academic year.
  5. We require each entrant to submit a 200-word abstract of their article.


We do not publish research by PhD candidates or professional researchers. We will consider work from postgraduate students as long as the work submitted was completed whilst they were an undergraduate.


The Board of Editors will select articles based on quality of research and writing, diversity and relevance of topic. The novelty of the academic contribution is also an essential requirement. Prospective articles should be submitted online and should conform to the journal style guide on our website. The UJPIR publishes articles of between 5-10, 000 words (12,000 words as an absolute maximum). There is no fee to publish with UJPIR.

Why publish with us?

  • UJPIR is one of the few academic run and reviewed academic journals that publishes undergraduate work.
  • UJPIR is fully open access and publishes rapidly following peer-review, so your research reaches the widest possible audience, and has the greatest possible impact.

Our first papers will be published in late 2016. We hope that you will become an author and reader of the journal and invite you to find out more about UJPIR, including information about our Editorial Board and journal policies, as well as how to submit by visiting our website: http://ujpir.ubiquitypress.com/



Email: editor@ujpir-journal.com

Twitter: @UJPIR

About the Author

Stuart Hampton-Reeves

Stuart Hampton-Reeves

Stuart Hampton-Reeves is Professor of Research-informed Teaching at the University of Central Lancashire and Chair of the British Conference of Undergraduate Research.

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