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Literature dissertation conference

Posted on: June 19, 2014 by: Sarah Taylor

Literature dissertation conference

Literature dissertation conference: The Ups and Downs of a new experience

The video shows the extent of the Literature conference.

For many university students beginning their final year of studies, there is one question that is constantly in the back of their minds: ‘How am I going to write a 10,000 word dissertation on just one subject?’ For me it was deciding on that one subject that became a struggle in the first place, inspired by so many different topics finally choosing to write about adults in children’s literature took months for me to decide. However, then we got told that our class was going to have to present our papers in a new format called ‘A Dissertation Conference’ like many students I initially believed this was going to be a waste of time…. How wrong I was.

The dissertation conference for me personally was an experience I am never going to forget, I have never felt nervous, empowered, inspired and proud all at once up until this moment. When planning on how to present our papers we all were given the opportunity to work as individuals or as a panel. I luckily got to work alongside two amazing ladies whose own unique ideas gave me a chance to expand my own dissertation into subjects I never thought about before. Our panel was based around the broad subject of ‘Children’s Literature’ which allowed for each of our papers to be based upon completely different viewpoints: one from a writer’s perspective, one from an adult’s perspective and one from a children’s perspective. Combining our ideas together initially seemed to be a task that would never succeed but as we each presented our ideas we realised that we overlapped in many subject areas and that our panel would not just be three people presenting three papers but we in fact it became one big paper.

Our panel was left till last which allowed for me to travel around many rooms and view what other papers people off my course were presenting. As I was listening to each paper I was so overwhelmed with inspiration and in some cases wishing I had thought of the idea myself. Each presentation captivated the audience and projected how much time and effort each participant put in to each of their own dissertations. For many this experience gave the opportunity to express how much passion and interest they had in their own particular dissertations but also allowing everyone to comment on each other’s dissertations; not in a negative way but in a way to help the individual explore a different range of ideas.

When the day was over I felt as if I had gained a wider understanding of many dissertations in which initially I only knew the title for. I left this day feeling proud of my own panel in how we were able to engage the audience to listen to a subject that we were all passionate about. But I also felt proud of everyone who participated in the day not only the ones who were presenting but also those who ran the whole event. Being part of the first dissertation conference at the University of Central Lancashire was an enlightening experienced and one that I am proud to have participated in. Our English Literature course was close to begin with but this experience allowed us to show how much we all enjoy being able to share and expand ideas together and it is an experience I hope others that follow will be able to do in years to come.


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