The Plymouth Student Educator

Welcome to The Plymouth Student Educator.

This online journal is a key output of a HEFCE-funded project, to support and develop research-informed teaching at Plymouth University. The e-journal seeks to make the research process more accessible and explicit, by highlighting examples of good undergraduate research practice from courses within the Plymouth Institute of Education. It also aims to support both staff and student involvement, by acting as a teaching tool for staff and as a vehicle to promote and share student research activities. It is hoped that the journal will encourage students to become more reflective and critical of their own research skills as they consider the work of their peers. In addition, we hope the journal will enable students to see a range of research activities and potential collaborations with staff at the University, encouraging further dialogue and enquiries.

Most importantly, however, the journal seeks to celebrate the quality of undergraduate student work at the university, and provide a rare opportunity for students to proudly showcase and share their research among the education community.

The journal is currently set up so that readers do not have to register to access the full content. However, completing the registration form via the navigation bar will enable automatic receipt of each new issue's Table of Contents, when published.

We welcome any comments regarding this e-journal. The principal contact and Editorial Assistant for the journal is Andrew Edwards-Jones (email:

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