Journal of Qualitative Research in Sports Studies

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The Journal of Qualitative Research in Sports Studies presents a valuable opportunity for students; undergraduates and postgraduates alike to write mentored publications of their research activities within the sport’s world. Contributions from international scholars are more than welcome. The papers are externally reviewed by academics from institutions (UK and overseas) who have an interest in researching sport and physical education. They also share a similar vision for raising confidence in student’s writing and encouraging greater involvement with researching sport from a qualitative standpoint. Towards these ends the journal identifies the central aims below, which the Editorial Board hope the reader will recognise as educationally valuable in terms of academic quality and student centred support: 
(a) To showcase and share student research at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. 
(b) Through a process of mentoring and external review, help to improve student’s confidence to present their ideas formally. 
(c) To create a contemporary resource of qualitative research within the sport’s world which is accessible to students and informs their ongoing investigations. 
(d) To create a stage for experimental designs in qualitative research which are exciting, engaging and pedagogically stimulating for the study of sport. 

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