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BCUR17 Call for Papers

Posted on: October 17, 2016 by: Stuart Hampton-Reeves

BCUR17 Call for Papers

Details of the submission process for next year’s conference in Bournemouth are now available at: www.bournemouth.ac.uk/bcur17. The conference will soon be opening the abstract submission process so watch out for announcements in the next few days. The deadline for submission is 10th December and full details about how to submit can be found on the conference page.

The conference has also released the logo for this year – a hot air balloon. As well as representing aspiration and invention, the balloon has a real meaning for Bournemouth, which has a tethered hot air balloon in the middle of the town.

Bournemouth looks set to be one of our best conferences so please join us for some Spring sun and sea.

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Stuart Hampton-Reeves

Stuart Hampton-Reeves

Stuart Hampton-Reeves is Professor of Research-informed Teaching at the University of Central Lancashire and Chair of the British Conference of Undergraduate Research.

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