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BCUR Blog: Entry 1 Leeds

Posted on: March 23, 2015 by: Jordan Bestwick

BCUR Blog: Entry 1 Leeds

BCUR Blog: Entry 1

Easter is always a difficult time for undergraduates, whether it be that rapidly approaching dissertation deadline, exams to start revising for or even looking for somewhere to live for next year. But for 16 undergrads, this Easter will be a little different as they will be presenting some of their work at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR).

The BCUR was started in 2010 by the University of Central Lancaster and aims to give undergraduate students of all disciplines the opportunity to showcase their work, whether it be their dissertation or research carried out as part of an internship. Students can present their research to their fellow peers in the form of talk or poster presentation. This is an invaluable opportunity to meet other undergraduates from around the UK and overseas in their respective subjects for a chance to share ideas and perhaps establish working partnerships for many budding careers. This year the conference is being held from the 20th-21st April at the University of Winchester and is widely expected to be the largest gathering yet of undergraduates presenting their work.

This year students from Leeds have been gratefully funded through a Footsteps Fund, which is supported by alumni donations. With 16 undergraduates attending, this year is easily the largest cohort Leeds has sent yet, demonstrating the value of this financial support. It is hoped that the success of the project will secure on going funding for students in the future to attend. This means this year’s cohort have a lot to prove to show this scheme is worth funding!

The Leeds BCUR delegation has a plan of action to demonstrate how the BCUR is worthwhile to the development of undergraduate research. On the 17th April there will be an inaugural pre-conference training event, practicing their talks and poster presentations in front of each other, academic staff, alumni and special guests including the Vice-Chancellor no less! It is hoped this event will show the Footsteps Fund donors the value of presenting in conferences for increasing the professionalism of undergraduates and preparing them for successful future careers. In addition we are aiming for this training event to be broadcast by Leeds University student TV and radio services to inspire other students from across the university to present their work at future conferences.

All the students are currently hard at work putting together their talks or posters and are looking forward to the training event and the conference itself. For many of them this will be their first conference, giving them the exciting first chance of presenting their research and representing undergraduate research at the University of Leeds.

I look forward to reporting back on how the conference went.

Jordan Bestwick: Leeds BCUR delegate.

For more information visit the BCUR website: http://www.bcur.org/

The Footsteps Fund: http://campaign.leeds.ac.uk/project/the-footsteps-fund/

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